Bon Voyage

Stand by planet earth; things just got a whole lot Booshier.

Led by the enigmatic Shamon Cassette, Bon Voyage is the unlikely marriage of the forward­thinking Brooklyn rapper with two young producers from the dentally­challenged Dublin suburb of Finglas; The Supreme and Gucci Cortez.

Their utterly infectious debut showcases an exciting and modern take on the hip­house genre, superbly straddling the hairy crevasses between house, techno and hip­hop. For all its cool, it’s also insanely catchy.

If you’re not completely au fait with your NYC slang, to be ‘Booshie’ is to consider oneself to be above everyone else; deserving of luxury in all aspects of life and demanding of only the finer things. Where J­Lo proudly claimed to still be ‘Jenny from the block’, the Booshie girl thinks they should demolish the whole God­forsaken hell hole and build a Louis Vuitton. Throughout Booshie, Shamon plays the oracle of our times, poetically depicting the tribulations of his life with a Booshie girl. He’s an enormous personality with a presence so captivating that really does make you think he was born to only do this.

Judging by the personalities involved, we’re assuming that the gonna be amazing, probably better than the famous Sex Pistols show at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. Although as they haven’t played live yet, it could be like a three hour documentary on the relative drying times of different paints, scored by The XX.

Won’t it be fun finding out.