Crazy P SoundSystem

Who’d have thought it? Six albums in and Crazy P (is it now OK to not talk about the Penis?) are stronger and more relevant than ever. Funny how the tides of time turn, and how the sounds of a typically British type of house and disco – which The P have been forerunning for the last 15 years – are now more du jour then ever before.

Its been three years since their last album ‘When We On’ on 2020 Vision, and in that time the songwriting, production, and performing nucleus of Danielle Moore, Chris Todd, and James Baron have been constantly touring with their DJ and Soundsystem sets, and the live band shows which still see them regarded as one of dance music’s finest, and genuinely live, performers out there.

Like another UK house and disco pioneer Greg Wilson, Crazy P have managed to both uphold the heritage of soul, musicianship and song writing that is an essential part of the fabric of house and disco, and also stay current, letting those fundamental elements of the sound inform and mark out their takes on the club floors and younger audiences that they consistently turn inside out.